Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 2 - Allergy attack

Well since we were up pretty late when we got in, needless to say that the girls didn’t get up till 11am. We ate breakfast and sat at the house for a bit. My dad has a little Pomeranian dog that is about 5 years old. He’s a grumpy little dog sometimes. He’s very protective of my dad. So this brings me to say that Aiden had a hard time sleeping; she was coughing, congested and watery eyes. We chalked it up to that she just had a cold. We realized that in the morning she must be allergic to dogs. She has never had any reactions to our cats. We realized this and thinking about the last few visits with the other relatives and friends who have dogs and started having the same symptoms. We finally decided to get out of the house and do some shopping, especially to get some children’s allergy medicine. We also picked up a few other items from Target for the girls and a few other necessities. Today was a bit uneventful so there’s nothing really to report. :o(

The best part of day 2 was getting to sleep in longer than normal, and watching the girls interact with their cousins and playing with them
The worst part of day 2 was Aiden's allergy attack and feeling miserable
What we learned on day 2 was Aiden is allergic to dogs
The weather on day 2 was cold, 20 degrees and scattered snow showers, very light though

Nothing comes between a man and his dog. :o)
Aiden with her cousin Cody in the toy/computer room

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