Monday, December 7, 2009

Halloween & Christmas

These last few months have flown by so quickly. Getting the girls, making adjustments, everything has changed soo much.

Halloween was fun. We had a mini Not-So-Scary Halloween party. Our friends Drew, Maria & their 2 boys Aiden & Jeremy came over as well as our friends Evan, Stephanie & their little guy Liam, who is just 3 weeks younger than Kyra. We had a special visit for the weekend which was our cousin Amber and her daughter Allee from Fresno. All the kids looked absolutely adorable. Aiden dressed up as Cinderella and Kyra dressed up as Ariel. How convenient...both Disney Princesses. Kyra was in the stroller as we all went out to do our 1st Trick or Treat Halloween with the girls. After the first few houses and getting candy, Aiden would look up at me and say "On to the next house mommy". It was soo cute. The funny thing about Aiden was, she didn't necessarily want the candy I think it was the novelty of going to houses and getting the candy. LOL. She hasn't really asked for any of the candy she got that night. Jake & I have been munching on it mostly...well mostly Jake. I know, we're bad. LOL.

Thanksgiving we spent at Jake's mom's house with sibling and their kids. We had a really nice dinner followed by some yummy dessert.

We leave the 19th to travel to Michigan for Christmas with my family this year. It is very exciting for not only Jake & I but for the girls too. Aiden is super excited to meet her Grandpa Deel, and all her aunts, uncles, cousins, and great aunts and great uncles and everyone else. We got a family Christmas portrait done to put in our cards this year. It came out pretty cute. Of course the best one we took, Aiden was hamming it up. Kyra had some great smiles in some and not smiling in others. We found this one to be the best out of them all. We had a doozie of a time trying to keep them both happy which to a 19 month old who's squirmy was rather difficult.

I would say that Kyra has made such progress in our home. She smiles alot more and she is starting to talk more. She says things like kitty, meow and now she's into saying SEE, SEE. We put up our tree and she walks towards it but doesn't touch it. I think she's just fascinated by it. She stands there and just looks at it as if to say "How did this thing get in here"? We bought the girls personalized ornaments from Bronners and also bought them each their own Stocking to hang above the fireplace with their names on them. We are absolutely taking them with us to Michigan, that way Santa can fill them with goodies. Every morning since we put up the tree, Aiden walks down the stairs and says to the tree "Good morning Christmas tree". She asks just about everyday if it's Christmas yet and we tell her in just a few weeks but right now until then it's Christmas time. She's in the 'I Want' stage so we keep telling her that she's going to have to put that on her list to Santa. Which reminds me, we need to get that done and sent to Santa soon. We are taking the girls on Saturday to Intel to see Santa. Our friend Drew works for Intel and they have a little Christmas party for the families of Intel and they invited us along. Aiden is excited. I'm sure her & Kyra will do great when they see him. Jake & I bought the book, The Night Before Christmas last year and we'll be taking that with us to Michigan so that Jake can read it to the girls on Christmas Eve. I've always wanted to do that and have a tradition like that when we had kids and now my wish has come true. So let the Christmas Family Tradition Begin with a beautiful book.

If I don't blog before the end of the year we hope that everyone has a Very Merry CHRISTmas and a safe & Happy New Year! See you next blog.


  1. Hooray! That would be a lovely family tradition. :)

  2. Beautiful family portrait Laura! And the girls look so happy, I'm glad that your family is prospering. Have a great time in Michigan.