Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 1 - Flight to Michigan

We woke early (7am) to begin our day to get ready to travel to Michigan for Christmas. Our friend Lisa came to pick us up at 9 and headed to the airport. The girls handled the flights really well. It was the girl’s first trip on an airplane and it was an interesting journey. We took 1 car seat on the plane with us and checked one in @ the gate. Kyra occupied the car seat and Jake & I took turns holding Aiden. The first flight was good really good. Kyra stayed awake the whole time, fussed a small bit but just about 20 minutes before we landed in Dallas, she fell fast asleep. Hmph, go figure.

Our first stop was a 2 hour layover in Dallas, Texas. Luckily it was still late afternoon and it was still partially lunch/dinner time so we grabbed a bite to eat. As we were walking through the terminal to get from one gate to the next I looked and Jake and said “It would be cool if airports had a play land.” Not just 10 minutes later we get closer to our gate and there it was...a play land. The girls were able to run off steam before getting on our next flight.

We arrived into Detroit around 11:30pm. By the time we got off the plane and into the baggage claim it was after midnight. Since we had so much baggage Jake felt it was easier if he went and got the car and picked us up. Kyra and I waited in the terminal while he and Aiden grabbed a shuttle to the car rental. Not too long after he headed back to pick us up and then headed to my dad’s house. When we got to my dad’s everyone was sleeping but they eagerly got up and visited with us. They were really excited to meet Aiden & Kyra. I think the jetlag of the day has gotten to them for they were pretty wide awake when we arrived.

The day has ended and it’s time for bed. We’re so pooped. We and the girls have had a very long day. Thanks for reading. I will try to post new journals daily so please keep checking back. See you next blog.

This lower part is thanks to the Pascoal’s for the use of their idea from there WDW trip last year. We’re stealing the idea.

The best part of day 1 was Aiden & Kyra being really good and falling asleep on the 2nd leg.
The cutest part of day 1 was Aiden saying goodnight to everyone and says to Grandpa “Goodnight Santa” for he looks like Santa with his beard and mustache. – *photo attached*
The worst part of the day was getting into DTW @ midnight and the long amount of time it took to get the rental car.
What we learned on day 1
was when it comes to carryon luggage, REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE and luggage is never free…$60 later.
The weather on day 1 was cold, 20 – 22 degrees in DTW

The real question is: Does Santa really exist??? HECK YEAH, and here's the proof. Just ask Aiden. :o)

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