Sunday, December 13, 2009

Intel Christmas with Santa

We were lucky enough to be invited by the Pascoal's to attend Intel's annual Christmas with Santa visit for friends and family of Intel employees. Drew works at Intel. Aiden was pretty excited to see Santa. The wait time was way less than we expected. We had a pretty big group, it was us, the Pascoal's & the Monick's as well as Stephanie's mom who flew in from SoCal for the weekend. Evan also works at Intel so he and his wife and their little guy Liam was there too! All in all there were 12 of us. Aiden was enamored by Santa and forgot to tell him that she wanted a jumprope for Christmas. She happily jumped on his lap and took some beautiful pictures. Kyra on the other hand was a little more standofish so Jake sat with her next to Santa on her daddy's lap. She didn't cry though. Here are the results. See you next blog.
Kyra was afraid to sit on Santa's lap so Jake held her next to Santa and that was OK with her.

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