Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painting projects

So since we moved in 1 year ago come this Sunday (13th), what better way to celebrate it by starting to paint the inside of our house. We've had the paint for several months but after Jake fracturing his ankle and having surgery it's just not been a good time to paint. We did the girls rooms back in March so I'll post pictures of the before & after soon too. Until then here are some before & after pics of the bathroom. We did a Disney Finding Nemo & Ariel theme. We painted the walls an ocean blue and bought appliques at Home Depot. Painted the ceiling a sky blue color and I cut out a SUN with my Cricut machine and vinyl to make it look like the sky.

Girls bathroom after

We absolutely did not like the color of the living room, it reminded us of baby diarrhea poop. We put up with it as long as we could. I couldn't take it no more. LOL. Our next paint project is going to be Jake's office/guest bedroom. We've picked out the paint color, just got to make time to do the painting. I'm super excited to work on our master bedroom after and go from there with the rest of the house. Since the entryway walls are so high we might get that hired out.

TV wall before TV wall after
Window wall before Window wall after Clock/curio wall before
Clock/curio after
1/2 bath before
1/2 bath after - decorated with a butterfly theme
hallway into the kitchen before - entryway is not painted yet
entryway after

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will continue to follow us on this journey.

See you next blog.

Hugs to all,
The Mason Family

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  1. Lovely!! I can't wait to see it in person! :)