Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aiden goes to Preschool

Aiden finally got a spot in the Head Start program here in Lincoln. Her first day of school was January 18th. She was and is soo excited. She's doing so good in school. She's learning to pour her own milk, serve her own food from serving bowls at lunch and at snack time. This is one thing we are starting to let her do at dinnertime and she seems to like it a lot.

It's really kind of cool that Aiden has learned to do a few things on her own through the help of school. For instance at lunchtime and snacktime the kids are encouraged to serve themselves. They take the serving spoons and forks and dish out their own food at their portions. They are also encouraged to get their own plates, forks, napkins and cups for the milk. They are also encouraged to pour their own milk. How cool is that?!? That being said, we have started to have our family dinners at the table served family style. We let Aiden get her own food and we've also encouraged her to set the table for everyone. It's really great and she likes helping Mommy & Daddy and her little sister.

Sitting waiting patiently to leave before school starts.

She made the wipeboard outside her classroom door. Her name got put on it as a New Friend.

Kyra saying goodbye to her Big Sis.

Isn't she cute...all innocent looking like. She was soo excited. She sat quietly and just observed her classmates.
She had her very first field trip in the first week. She went with her classmates to Wacky Tacky in Roseville. Her teachers are Miss Rose and Miss Patti and her Teachers Aide is Miss Kathy. They are really nice. She's gotten to meet a lot of new friends. Everyday she comes home talking about a new friend. The one she plays with the most is Isabella.

This coming Monday she has her first party in her class. It's the Valentine's Day celebration. I made her Valentine's to take to school for each classmate. On the back I made a white heart and Aiden has written her name on each of them to tell the other classmates who it is from. There are 20 kids in her class. I've also been volunteering in her classroom a few hours a week. When I take her to school at 12:30 I stay till 4 which is when she gets out. For every hour I volunteer in the class we get these things called BONUS BUCKS and they are each valued at $1.00. At the end of every month they calculate the hours a parent has volunteered and we can use the $ towards a book of our childs choice from a list. It's really a great incentive for the parents to get involved as well as benefit the kids reading. Luckily Jake is home to stay with Kyra for the time I'm gone. She goes down for a nap at 2 so it works out. I really have been enjoying it. And the kids Thank Aiden for sharing their Mommy with them on those days.

She got accustomed to school really quickly which wasn't a surprise. As soon as she gets to school she has lunch. The school is all about healthy foods and milk. It's a good thing too.

For all who have been patiently waiting....just like us, we finally have an Adoption Date for Kyra's adoption. Her adoption day is going to be Thursday, April 7th at the County of Fresno courthouse. If you are local and wish to atttend the celebration please let us know. Anyone is welcome to come and witness this Blessed day in all of our lives. After the proceedings at the courthouse we will most likely go somewhere to have some lunch and you are again welcome to come. Actually you are encouraged to join us.

See you next blog.

Hugs to all!
The Mason Family

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  1. This is all so exciting and life changing for all of you! What a good mommy you are to volunteer your time (it's a prescious thing).