Saturday, April 10, 2010

California Adventure - Day 3

The previous day at the Disneyland park was soo exciting that we stayed till the park closed. So needless to say we all slept in....all 6 of us. :o) Amber wanted to give Allee a good nap in the early afternoon before hitting the California Adventure park. We got to Disney's California Adventure Park around 3pm. We didn't have much time in the park because we had to meet our cousin Chad, his girlfriend Siobhan and her girls back at the hotel for dinner and an evening together. So unfortunately there isn't much to tell or talk about except that we had an awesome time with our cousin Chad and his family.

See you next blog.
The best part of day 3 was getting to spend the evening with Chad, Siobhan, Fiona and Aislinn.
The worst part of day 3 was only getting to spend 3-4 hours at the park but worth it because of what the evening was bringing to us (see above).
What we learned on day 3 was staying up late the night before means getting to the park the next day is a little difficult.
The weather on day 3 was 75 and Sunny

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