Thursday, April 8, 2010

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Day 1

Let me just start by saying thanks to our friend Stephanie for telling me about Southwest having an awesome deal on airfare for $39 each way. We purchased tickets for me, Jake & Aiden. Kyra will sit in our laps, well we were hoping anyway. Instead of driving to LA, we opted to fly. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1:45pm. Getting to the airport with all our luggage in tow, plus the stroller, plus the girls was a chore in itself. But we made it none-the-less.

PLANES to Burbank
The day started like any other...oh wait, no it didn't cuz "We're going to
DISNEYLAND". WOO HOO!!! We are so lucky that our cousin Amber and her little daughter Allee are going with us. Amber is making the 3+ hour drive and meet us there. We got up bright and early to get our day started. Girls were up by 8:00am as were we. Did the usual routine, breakfast, bath, dressing...the usual. I'm super proud of us, we were actually out the door by 11:15 (goal was 11am) which is a feet for us as we are ALWAYS late. Anyone who knows us, knows this to be true. ;o) Got to the airport, checked our bags and were in the air in no time. The girls were really good @ the airport and in the plane. I'm so glad we took our double stroller. That makes for easier mobility in a busy airport. I think we'll be traveling Southwest more often because the rows of seats were soo spacious. We were pleasantly surprise by the amount of leg room we had. Kyra had enough room to walk around and not get bored. Although the magic box played Bolt.

When I booked the flights I didn't realize that Burbank was about an hour+ drive to Anaheim. And since Aiden's been wanting to ride a train we decided to book train tickets. Jake booked us 3 tickets on Amtrak to Anaheim (Kyra's free - perk of having an under 3 kid). We didn't tell Aiden about the train because we wanted it to be a surprise. I took a video of Aiden when we told her she was going on a train and ya know what? She didn't even seem very excited. BOO. I think she was just tired.

Waiting for our train to arrive was about an hour and a half hour wait in the Burbank Train Station. Now you would think that since it was a train station it would be an actual station, right? Wrong. It was just a platform with tracks in the middle and covered benches to sit on and wait for the train. Let me tell you, that was the longest hour and a half of our lives. We had to keep both girls in the stroller so that they wouldn't divebomb onto the train tracks. It was super crazy this station. I don't think I would necessarily call it a train station. Oy-ya-yoy!!!

Kyra was extremely cranky on the train. It was about an hour train ride and we finally got the idea to play Bolt on my laptop...or as we affectionately call it for the girls 'The Magic Box'. LOL.

Once we got into the train station in Anaheim, we took a cab (best darn $7 we ever spent) to our hotel. Granite, there was only a 6-7 minute walk but we were all so very tired and worn out and just done from the days traveling. We are staying at the
TownePlace Suites Anaheim. It's a pretty nice hotel and the room is really great. Not bad for $80 a night. We have a suite with 2 bedrooms with Queen beds, a kitchenette and living room. Not too long after we arrived to our hotel we put the girls down for a nap. Mind you, the nap was much needed. Amber & Allee arrived not too long after that which was cool. After the girls woke up, we had some dinner in our room and then we all changed our clothes to take advantage of the pool & spa. The pool was kind of chilly so we opted to hop in the spa. Luckily the water in the spa was lukewarm. Just perfect for the little ones. Kyra was such a daredevil in the spa. She stood on the edge and jumped to Jake. We have a feeling Kyra is going to be our waterbug...just like me. Aiden didn't seem to enjoy it as much as Kyra & Allee. It was a bit cold outside but I dared the cold and got out to take a few pics of everyone.

We are soo excited about going to the park tomorrow. We're going to Disneyland park tomorrow, Saturday we're going to California Adventure and then going to Disneyland on Sunday.

See you next blog.


The best part of day 1 was watching the girls interact together and playing in the spa and learning that Kyra LOVES it and is a natural born waterbug.
The worst part of day 1 was
waiting for the train and getting on the train and riding on the train with a cranky 23 month old
What we learned on day 1 was DO NOT fly into Burbank if you are going to DISNEYLAND
The weather on day 1 was
70 Sunny but a little windy.

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