Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kyra's Woes

Poor Kyra has been through a lot this past week. Last Wednesday while we were out for a family walk she fell onto the grass and hurt her shoulder...or so we thought. Jake & I took turns carrying her around the block not realizing she was really hurt. We got home and she was really cranky. She had been awake over 11 hours. She hadn't had her nap that day, not for lack of trying from us though. I put her down for her nap at her usual time at 2 but she just wasn't tired. I didn't fight her about it, figured she'd just go down for bedtime earlier that night. Anyway, we get home and I'm cuddling her and she is just crying in pain. When I'd ask "Where does it hurt"? she'd point to her shoulder and say "oww". Poor thing. We debated back and forth about taking her to urgent care or the ER. We didn't see any bruising or swelling so we thought she just banged it within the shoulder. We gave her some children's Motrin and that seemed to help. Although all night she was restless and we could hear her whimper every 30 minutes or so. We realized she must be rolling over on her shoulder where it hurts. The next day Jake made an appointment with the pediatrician Dr. Shaw. What an awesome woman & doctor she is. We really like her. She's so good with the girls and the girls really seem to take to her. She and her husband are parents of a 4 year old boy they adopted at infancy so she knows what we are going through with the girls adoptions. It's nice to meet someone who's gone through this and can relate to us and especially that it's the girls Pediatrician.

So we go see Dr. Shaw and she did X-Ray's and found that Kyra's clavicle a.k.a. collar bone was fractured. She referred us to an Orthopedic Surgeon because she thought it might lead to her having surgery being that the bones were overlapping. She put Kyra in a sling & wrapped an ace bandage around it to get her to keep her arm in the sling. At first Kyra didn't like the sling nor the ace bandage but she got used to it after a few hours. By the next day she was wearing it like a champ. However 2 days after she would wiggle her arm out of the bandage and use her hand to do her usual playing and eating. We'd put her in it at night and when we get her out of the crib the next morning the sling & bandage were on the floor.

Friday came and went and we had an appt on Tuesday with the Ortho surgeon. He came in looked at the X-Rays again and basically told us that surgery was not necessary. Let me tell you we were so relieved. I can't imagine what that would have been like for her. Body cast perhaps. LOL. I don't know and I don't think we want to find out either.

So here we are a week after the accident and she is doing really well. She still has the fractured collar bone but the Orthopedic surgeon said it will heal itself within 3-4 weeks. We have a follow-up appt. at the end of 4 weeks but if she hasn't complained about it or doesn't seem to have any problems to just cancel the appt.

She has been through a rough week though, 1st the fracture, her ortho appt yesterday and then today she had her 2 year wellness with Dr. Shaw and she got 5 shots, 3 in 1 leg and 2 in the other. Kyra is now officially caught up on on her immunization shots and is in the percentile that she needs to be in. She weighs 30.3 pounds and 37 inches tall. I feel bad when they have to get the shots, especially in their poor little legs. But Dr. Shaw made it up to her by giving her a sucker and 3 stickers. One being Buzz, she seems to really like Buzz lately.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers regarding Kyra's condition. We truly appreciate you and love you all very much. See you next blog.

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