Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jake's woes

When it rains it poors. This past Sunday evening Jake had an accident in the backyard and sprained his ankle really bad. I took him to the ER, they did X-Ray's and it is sprained. The doctor put on a temporary splint/cast which he'll need to wear for the next 4 weeks. Poor Jake. They gave him a set of crutches which he's getting used to, slowly but surely. Although he hasn't mastered going up the stairs with them so needless to say he crawls up the stairs in the evening when going to bed. Let's just say he's downstairs all day until bedtime. He has however figured out how to get around downstairs without the crutches. haha. He uses his office chair with wheels around the bottom floor of the house. It's quite amusing to see him rolling all over the house. So if you can keep my DH in your thoughts that's would be awesome. See you next blog.

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