Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aiden's 4th Birthday party

Today was Aiden's 4th Birthday and her party. Wow, can't believe she's already 4. Her theme was the Disney Princesses (no surprise there). We feasted on burgers, hot dogs, chips and punch for lunch. Following lunch we did cake and ice cream then on to the presents. I think opening presents was her favorite part. LOL Here are a few pics from today's big day! Enjoy. If you would like to view the remaining photos, see our Webshot link. Aiden's 4th Birthday.

Aiden on her new Disney Princess 16" bicycle & helmet we bought her.

What is a Princess party without the Princess cakes?!? :o) Jake's Mom made the princess cake and we ordered the larger cake from Sam's Club.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. In just 4 more days is the Adoption Day!!! We are soo excited. So please keep your eyes peeled for pics and a new blog. Till then...see you next blog.

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