Monday, June 28, 2010

Boating Fun

Jake and I have a 1979 Thunderbird yellow on yellow boat that we inherited from his Dad after he passed away in 2006. We are lucky enough to be able to store it in Marysville during the winter at Mom's house. But since we have the new house we can house it during the summer, we have easier access to it as we please. We took the girls in it for the first time a few weeks ago. It was a bit difficult to maneuver how we were going to handle getting in the boat and waiting for the other person to come back after parking the truck & trailer In the past (before the girls) it was easier to put the boat in the water...however not this time. But it all worked out and we were out in the water. I dropped off the trailer & truck in the parking lot and walked down with Kyra to the dock where Jake & Aiden were waiting patiently. Other boaters...not so patient. LOL. We got in the boat and we were off.

Aiden sat on the floor of the boat at first and she freaked out a little bit. She was so scared that she was going to fall in the water. We assured her that she was OK and nothing would happen. Aiden wasn't fond of boating at first, but within about 10 minutes she was boating like a champ. She had her life jacket, sunscreen & shades and she was good to go. She was such a good girl. She did everything we asked her of her. We explained that while boating is fun but it is very important to listen and do what Mommy & Daddy asked of her to keep her & Kyra safe. We are so proud of her. She truly was a Big Girl that day.

Kyra took to water & boating like a champ too. She even sat in the drivers seat a few times hoping to drive. Hehe. Got pictures of that too! When we moored the boat in the cove, she was more than eager to get in the water. She couldn't get in fast enough. We thought for sure she was going to jump in without one of us being in the water before her. So many things about Kyra make me think she is so much like me. She loves water as do I. We are both WATER BUGS!

We tooled around for awhile on the boat and then it was lunchtime. The time snuck up on us pretty fast. We drove over into a little cove and had lunch and drinks and swam till we couldn't swim no more. Hehe. It was a bit on the hot side that day but yet the breeze was still blowing. One of my favorite things to do @ Folsom Lake is drive over to the Marina and get an ice cream from the little marina store. If you moor at the marina long enough you'll be lucky enough to be visited by the Geese that have NO MANNERS and beg for food. Haha. The girls got a kick out of feeding them some bread and snacks we had leftover from our lunch. The funniest part was one of the Geese was very brave because he was literally coming up to the boat and biting the side because Aiden wasn't throwing food to him fast enough. I have never seen Geese so aggressive but I guess when it comes to food they are pretty persistent.

I think Kyra ate more crackers than she did feeding the Geese. LOL

If you do so like, we uploaded the pictures to our Webshots. Boating. Enjoy!!!

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