Friday, January 29, 2010

Mason's Update...exciting news

The end of January is fast approaching and snuck up on us. There has been a lot of things going on with us so let me give you the 2 pieces of greatest news as of now. I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted a new blog in awhile. We received some good news, actually 2 pieces of good news in 1 day.

As of January 13th, Kyra's biological father's parental rights were terminated by the Judge in the county of Fresno. Which means he is no-longer the father of her and she no-longer has visits with him. So in the eyes of the court, Kyra is considered an 'orphan'. So now we are in the adoption phase. We have home visits from the courts and a lot more hoops to jump through before the girls can be officially adopted. We will keep everyone posted when this happens.

Our 2nd bit of news is that we put a bid on a house and we are buying a house FINALLY. Our new home is in the neighborhood of Lincoln Crossing in Lincoln. It's a beautiful home. Its 3200 SF, has 4 bedrooms, a loft area, 3½ baths and a 3 car tandem garage. It has a great floor plan with lots of space to spread out. We are looking at closing @ the end of Jan, early Feb. I am attaching a few pics here for your viewing pleasure. Once we get in the house and put our furniture in I will post more pictures. We will also be having an Open House once we get settled in.

Our beautiful front - in this pic there is some sort of vine thing growing on the house. Since this picture was taken, the vines have been removed. We'll have to clean them out and remove them from the ground. We don't want these things growing on the side of our house. The funny part is, that this is the only house on the block that has them. I never have liked these kinds of things growing on a house. It looks ugly. IMO anyway. :O)

Living room 1/2 of it anyway. The other side is the dining room, however we are turning the whole thing into the living room and removing the chandelier and putting in a ceiling fan instead.

View of the full kitchen. Lots of cupboard space. Just to the right, is where the butler's pantry is and the office for Jake.

L@@K, I'm gonna get a Pantry and it has a beautiful glass door. See it on the right??? :o)

Another view of the kitchen. The family room is just to the left with a slider that goes out to the backyard.

This is the room just outside the kitchen. To the left of this is going to be Jake's office and a bathroom. Maybe in the future we will buy a queen size bed and make it a guest bedroom. Also to the left of this pic is the butlers pantry which will be great for the bigger cooking items and misc pantry stuff.

This is the tandem garage. Jake is super excited about this garage. He'll be able to fit the boat HOOKED up to the Aspen and still have a little room left over.

Master bedroom...again very large room.

This is the master bath. This bathroom is so big you could fit a queen size bed in the middle of the room.

Master bath again.

This is the same area but on the 2nd floor. Just past this is the girls bedrooms.

This will be Aiden's room. The cupboards are so cute. We're going to paint Aiden's walls pink since that is her favorite color. To the right of this picture, there are 2 really cute windows. I can't wait to decorate her room. She has decided she wants to have a Princess room so I'm going to cut out Princess's with my Cricut machine and put them in frames and put them all over her walls. I can't wait to get started. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of Kyra's room. But once we move in, I'll post new pics of it.

This area will be my scrapbook room. This area is right at the top of the stairs.

Thank you for reading and I'll keep you all posted to new events. See you next blog.