Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's here, it's here...

Aiden's official birth certificate has arrived. It came quicker than we thought but it's actually here. Our names and everything on it. Oh how exciting is that?!? We are all soo happy.
See you next blog.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New kittens

A friend of ours works at a railyard and rescues cats/kittens so they don't get hurt or killed by the trains. She contacted Jake and told him that there were kittens up for adoption for whomever wanted one or two or all. We chose 2...LOL. We went and picked them up on Tuesday night. One is orange and white and we've named her Nala (from the Lion King) and the other is silver and black short hair and we named her Jasmine (from Aladdin). See the DISNEY pattern here. Haha. Our other cats name is Ariel (Little Mermaid). Since we brought them home they have both been in hiding. They just have to get used to us, the girls, their new home and especially Ariel who is the Queen of this domain. So far Ariel hasn't been very fond of them yet. She's been hissing, growling and snarling at them. She hasn't attacked them. I'm most certain she won't, she just wants them to know who's boss. Here is at least 1 photo of them in the cage when we first brought them home. Once they come out of hiding and get used to everything I'll take more pics. Aiden is especially excited about them and can't wait to hold them. Kyra at the moment sees them and starts yelling kitty, kitty but doesn't try to pick them up. Fat chance of that cuz they run from her. Hehe, it's quite funny. Reminds me of that movie Honey I Blew Up the Kid where the kid runs after the tiny teddy bear and it fits in the small of his palm. So cute. Anyway, enjoy the pic of the kitties thus far. See you next blog.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kyra's Birth Certificate

So it has been asked several times what is the status of Kyra's adoption. Well here is the latest. Since Kyra was not born in an actual hospital, there was never a birth certificate issued. That being said when she was taken into the system the process started through the county of Fresno. Let's just say that things haven't gone smoothly through the county so the process has taken much, much longer. We are unable to legally adopt Kyra until the record of her birth is created since she didn't have one at birth. Her adoption hasn't been finalized because of this. We have been waiting a year for it.

Since the beginning Jake has been trying to get in touch with anybody and everybody at the CA Department office of Vital Records to check on the status of Kyra's birth certificate. He's been calling them every few months and they keep telling him "It's in process" whatever that means. LOL.

So...on to the good news. Today Jake placed another call to the CA Department office of Vital Records and guess what? The Rep said that Kyra's Birth Certificate was completed on October 29th and mailed to Fresno! The ball now lies in the hands of Fresno County to get the rest set up for the adoption hearing like Aiden's was in September. So hopefully we may have an adoption hearing within the next few months for Kyra so keep your thoughts and prayers for us that this goes as we are hoping.

On another awesome note - we got a postcard that let us know that Aiden's actual birth certificate with her new name and our names on it will be coming in the next 6 months. After that we will then be able to get her a new social security number and passport. Super exciting for that too!!! YAY!!!