Monday, October 12, 2009

Placement & Life

Long time, no blog so Hi Everyone. We have been so busy the last few months as we have had the girls in our home since August 22nd. It's been hectic to say the least.

Days 1-3: First few days home

Jake & I drove down to Fresno to pick up the girls to bring home with us. It was an interesting ride home with 2 little ones. We didn't know their eating habits, the sleep schedules. We were in for a surprise. But a good surprise none-the-less. I unfortunately can't recollect everything that has happened in the last month 1/2 they have been here but I will however give you some of the highlights.

Sunday, August 30th: Baby-toddler shower
Becky, my sister-in-law gave us a baby-toddler shower. It was really nice. We had lots of people here and kids too. We were worried that Aiden & Kyra would be overwhelmed by meeting all these new people at once but they did really well. Aiden made some new friends as did Kyra. Kyra loves cake we found out but we also found that she had an allergic reaction to the frosting as she had a bit of a red face afterward. After a while it went away. Aiden loves opening presents. She helped us open some of the gifts that were brought. She lost interest though after she found some toys to play with. That's kids for ya!

Let her eat cake :o)

Aiden celebrated her 3rd birthday with us and her new family & friends. She had a DORA themed birthday party. I made her invitations using my Cricut machine and made the doll. It was so much work but so worth it in the end. It came out really cute. I used the Cricut also to make her Happy Birthday Aiden banner.

Kyra's been walking for about 2 weeks now. When she arrived with us, she could barely pull herself up on anything. Now she is walking like a champ. She's an awesome eater. She eats anything and everything we feed her. She loves peas and green beans. She hasn't got the knack for broccoli yet though but she'll get there someday. She's such a good baby. Aiden is now potty trained. She's so happy to use the Big Girl potty. We're so proud of her.

It's hard to believe that they have been with us since August 22nd. We are so lucky to have these adorable little girls in our lives. They are very special. We can't wait for my family & friends in Michigan to meet them in December when we go back for Christmas.

Just before Aiden's 3rd birthday we took the girls to Sears and had professional photos done of them.

I have posted all the pictures from recent events on our webshots including the rest of the Sears portraits, so please feel free to check them out. Visit MASON to view all photos. See you next blog.